IMO Waste Assessment Guidance Training Set

International Maritime Organization: Waste Assessment Guidance Training Set

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What is included in the training set?

There are four parts to this manual, two of which are presented in the course. Part 1
contains three introductory sections; Part 2 contains the eight main steps in waste
assessment and evaluation for ocean disposal. Two additional sections provide
information on waste specific guidelines (Part 3) and other resources (Part 4).
The course contains information in several “layers” of detail. Part 1 outlines the basic
elements of the Waste Assessment Guidelines. In Part 2, each section provides
successively more detailed information, including:

  • The relevant WAG clauses.
  • An explanation of key issues.
  • Examples and case histories showing how certain jurisdictions (Parties to the Convention) have dealt with disposal issues.

IMO Hazardous waste toolkit